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This simple scrapbooking website is a scrapbooker's ongoing journey - keepsake memories of ones journey in life. It includes pages of weddings of friends and family members, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, Christmas and New Year celebrations.


It also covers some more serious subjects - some introspections of my life and walk with God, and other life issues that affect me personally. There are lots of journaling especially in the faithbook section.

As a fervent die-hard journalizer, I make my own journals and keep many journals at one time. Garden Journal, Sermons Journal, Travel Journal, Color Scrapbook, Ideas Journal, just to name a few of my ongoing journaling. So needless to say, I will be adding a section on journaling alone whether using the computer to journal and print out to paste onto the scrapbook albums or using ones handwriting.

By the way, simple scrapbooking does not mean ordinary scrapbook techniques or layouts. The pages are clean, uncluttered and pleasing to the eyes. They are not overcrowded with embellishments and other what-nots that tend to take ones eyes away from the photos that we are showcasing. The photographs are still the focus points and each element we add to the page enhances and leads the viewer's eyes easily to the photo or photos on the page. This is what simple scrap booking is about.

Packed with information about scrapbooking supplies and tools, ideas, techniques and layouts, it is a good resource for all memory makers.

What will you find on this scrapbooking website?
The list below will give you an idea of what will be added.

  • Sample pages of layouts.
  • Theme books; wedding albums, baby pages, etc.
  • How to make our own background paper.
  • Review of the latest tools and supplies.
  • Making and using embellishments on the pages.
  • Go Digital : Creating with computers.
  • Best software for creating memorable keepsake albums.
  • Photoshop tutorials on enhancing photographs.
  • Using Photoshop brushes.
  • Review on digital cameras and color printers.
  • What is faithbooking and how to keep a faithbook.
  • Creative ways to use die-cuts and rub-ons.
  • Where to find ideas for your scrapbooking pages.
  • Meaningful or funny quotes, poems and sayings for our photo albums.
  • Art techniques and how to incorporate them.
  • Freebies: printable elements to use on the pages.

The above are just some of the many things that will be added to So do bookmark this scrapbooking site and check on the new additions that will be uploaded soon.

Meanwhile, keep scrapping!

Flora Tan

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Table of Contents

A Scrapbooking Website Full of Scrapbooking Ideas and Layouts
Search this scrapbooking website for scrapbooking ideas, quotes, layouts, tips and techniques, and more.
Addicted to Scrapbooking! How do You Know?
Are you addicted to scrapbooking? What are the tell-tale signs that you are a scrapbooking junky.
Using Scrapbooking 12x12 Paper Without Wastage
Maximising scrapbooking 12x12 paper - How not to waste them by using every inch of each piece of the scrapbook paper.
Printed Patterned Paper for Scrapbooking
What are patterned paper? How to use them in scrapbook pages?
Scrapbooking Cutting Tool
Any scrapbooking cutting tool that helps make our scrapbooking experience enjoyable.
Specialty Scrapbooking Papers
Scrapbooking papers - specialty papers like vellum, wood paper, and glittered paper.
Scrapbook Supplies - Scrapbooking Embellishments You Can Make
Scrapbook supplies can be expensive but there are some scrapbooking embellishments you can make your own. Tutorials for making your own scrapbooking supplies.
Creative Scrapbooking Ideas - Scrapbooking Page and Layout Ideas
Scrapbooking ideas to create beautiful scrapbook pages - scrapbooking layout ideas and ideas for scrapbooking pages for baby, military, wedding and more.
Birthday Scrapbooking Idea
Birthday scrapbooking idea for your birthday scrapbooks. Simple birthday scrapbooking layout can conveys your scrapbook page message better.
Contribute to Simple Scrapbooking
Would you like to share your knowledge about simple scrapbooking? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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