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a simple and clean birthday scrapbooking layout

A birthday scrapbooking idea with a page layout that has a clean simple look and feel is what I favor most. For this birthday scrapbooking layout, I do not include any birthday scrapbooking embellishments like birthday cake stamped image or gifts stickers .

The only indication that it's a birthday celebration is from the two photos; especially the one at the bottom of the scrapbook page.

birthday scrapbooking idea

Actually, the most important thing about this page is the friends around the table, the occasion and the memories these two photos brought to remembrance.

colors for this birthday scrapbook page

The colors used are green and pinkish purple. These two colors are found in the photographs; the green blouse of my friend, Serene and the purplish pink of the sofa covers. I used green and purplish pink scrap paper to create the lines. These are paper that are left over from cardmaking or other scrapbook pages. Keep these in a drawer and when you need tiny strips or for punch out, just dig in your drawer.

supplies for this birthday scrapbook page

  • 10 x 10 inches Daler-Rowney HeavyWeight Paper
  • single-sided scrapbooking patterned paper by Making Memories
  • "Friends are lifetime treasures" cling stamp by Hero Arts
  • VersaMagic tea leaves and pink petunia colors by Tsukineko
  • multiliner by COPIC
  • acrylic block
  • trimmer
  • glue

Note : The reason I used a piece of 10"x10" paper for this friendship / birthday scrapbooking idea page is because a 12"x12" scrapbooking paper would be too big while the 8"x8" would be too small. For this birthday scrapbooking idea, a 10"x10" paper is just nice for this simple layout. Daler-Rowney has this Jumbo pack of 220g/m2 (135 lbs), 10" x 10" (250x250mm) heavyweight paper that are acid free and can be drawn on with pen, pencil, charcoal or even water-colored. I love using this paper for scrapbooking as well as in

my cardmaking.

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May you live all the days of your life.

~ Jonathan Swift

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