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christmas scrapbooking paper
which christmas patterned paper to buy?
how to use them to enhance your scrapbook pages?

Christmas scrapbooking paper is one of the many essential scrapbooking supplies most scrapper would have in their collection of patterned paper.

Christmas scrapbook paper are no longer just the traditional red and green Santa Claus on the sleigh, white and red candy canes or the otherwise typical snowman design of yesteryear. Though these scrapbooking papers are still aplenty in the scrapbooking stores, we do witness a wide spectrum of color tones and unique designs for the festive season in scrapbooking as well as card making today.

So when we shop for scrapbook paper for making our Christmas scrapbook albums, what should we look out for? Are there any pattern paper that can help us portray the holiday mood and enhance the photos on the Christmas scrapbook pages beside the typical Christmas patterned paper?

And is there any way we can best utilise these holiday scrapbooking papers to design our Christmas scrapbooks?

traditional christmas scrapbooking paper

Winter scrapbook papers featuring Santa Claus, snowflakes, snowmen, holly, christmas wreath, red and white strip candy canes, gingerbread men and shiny ornaments are still necessary to have in your collection of scrapbooking papers.

These are attractive and no matter how, they quickly help you portray the holiday mood in your Christmas scrapbooks.

non-traditional christmas scrapbook paper

christmas scrapbooking paper

Above picture shows a sheet of paper by My Mind's Eye which though are still in the traditional Christmas colors of red, green, cream and blue (it's double sided and the back of this sheet of scrapbook paper is blue in color), the design is unlike the typical traditional Christmas designs.

Below, is another scrapbooking paper from Basic Grey from their Wassail collection - Noel. It's a double sided paper. The second image shows the reverse of this paper.

basic grey scrapbooking paper
basic grey scrapbooking paper

I tend to purchase this type of design paper because of its grunge look and the wide possibilities to create some unique Christmas scrapbook pages make using them so much more fun and exciting.

non christmas scrapbooking paper for holiday pages

Beside using scrapbook papers that have christmas designs, you can also use other patterned paper to create your Christmas pages. Punching out paper with the traditional Christmas colors with Christmas decorative punches or cutting borders or Christmas shapes with die-cut machines like the Cuttlebug Machine, the Big Shot by Sizzix or QuicKutz are ways you can use scrapbooking paper not specified for the Holiday season.

various ways to use these christmas patterned paper

christmas lights
Above is one way I use my paper. Use a template to draw the frame on the scrapping paper and cut it out. Then place it over my photo to give it a festive feel. The above frame is cut out from a piece of Christmas Lights scrapbook paper by Hot Off The Press, Inc. You can also cut strips to make borders for your pages. christmas ornament

Another way is to trim around the design on the scrapbook paper and use it to embellish the Christmas scrapbook page.

On the left is a Christmas ornament cut out from a sheet taken out of the SEI Christmas Mint Assortment Pack. You can use your decorative punches to make embellishments from scrapbooking background paper.

Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.

~ Jean Paul Richter

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