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Oscar Wilde quotes - a collection of scrapbooking quotes for your scrapbook pages. You can also use these quotations in your cardmaking, altered arts and journals.

Who is Oscar Wilde? He was an Irish playwright, novelist, poet, and author of short stories. Known for his wit, he had left behind many notable quotes; some of which are included here.

oscar wilde quotes

A little sincerity is a dangerous thing,
and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal.

The only thing to do with good advice is pass it on.
It is never any use to oneself.

Tread lightly, she is near
Under the snow,
Speak gently, she can hear
The daisies grow.

All her bright golden hair
Tarnished with dust,
She that was young and fair
Fallen to dust.

The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

Yet each man kills the thing he loves,
By each let this be heard,
Some do it with a bitter look
Some with a flattering word,
The coward does it with a kiss,
The brave man with a sword!

A man can be happy with any woman,
as long as he does not love her.

I suppose that I shall have to die beyond my means.

I am not young enough to know everything.

I think that God in creating Man
somewhat overestimated his ability.

More Oscar Wilde Quotes

There are only two kinds of people who are really fascinating:
people who know absolutely everything,
and people who know absolutely nothing.

Wisdom comes with winters.

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable
that we have to alter it every six months.

Suffering is one very long moment.
We cannot divide it by seasons.

A man cannot be too careful
in the choice of his enemies.

It is a very sad thing that nowadays
there is so little useless information.

My own business always bores me to death;
I prefer other people's.

The secret of life is to appreciate
the pleasure of being terribly,
terribly deceived.

more oscar wilde quotes

There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book.
Books are well written or badly written.

The pure and simple truth
is rarely pure and never simple.

A cynic is a man
who knows the price of everything
but the value of nothing.

Every portrait that is painted with feeling
is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.

True friends
stab you
in the front.

I always like to know everything about my new friends,
and nothing about my old ones.

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.
Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.

Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.

Genius is born--not paid.

I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning,
and took out a comma.
In the afternoon I put it back again.

If you want to tell people the truth,
make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.

It is absurd to divide people into good and bad.
People are either charming or tedious.

Witty Oscar Wilde Quotes

It is always a silly thing to give advice,
but to give good advice is fatal.

I am not young enough to know everything.

Most people are other people.
Their thoughts are someone elses opinions,
their lives a mimicry,
their passions a quotation.

Education is an admirable thing,
but it is well to remember
from time to time
that nothing
that is worth knowing
can be taught.

is the only refuge
of the shallow.

Most people are other people.
Their thoughts are someone else's opinions,
their lives a mimicry,
their passions a quotation.

How marriage ruins a man!
It is as demoralizing as cigarettes,
and far more expensive.

Always forgive your enemies -
nothing annoys them so much.

Work is the curse of the drinking classes.

At twilight, nature is not without loveliness,
though perhaps its chief use is to illustrate quotations from the poets.

The only way to get rid of a temptation
is to surrender to it.

other interesting oscar wilde quotes

The aim of life is self-development.
To realize one's nature perfectly -
that is what each of us is here for.

The ignorant persons are always full of ideas.

Anyone who lives within their means
suffers from a lack of imagination.

A man can be happy with any woman,
as long as he does not love her.

One should absorb the color of life,
but one should never remember its details.
Details are always vulgar.

Arguments are to be avoided;
they are always vulgar and often convincing.

These Oscar Wilde quotes are just some interesting scrapbooking quotes that would be useful to you in your scrapbooking journalling. You can also add them to your altered books and handmade cards.

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