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Another scrapbooking cutting tool you will need to have in your scrapbooking tote is a good craft knife. We talk about paper trimmers for scrapbooking in the scrapbooking paper cutter page. But beside a paper trimmer, you do need to have a sharp pen knife too.

A small sharp knife is useful for cutting out unwanted elements in your scrapbooking designs. It is especially helpful in cutting away delicate details within a rubber stamped image. And if there's any stray ink or gesso residue left on your paper, you can also use the pen knife to scratch it off gently from the paper surface.

Another good thing about this versatile scrapbooking cutting tool is that it is so small and compact, you can easily carry it around in your pencil case. So when you need to go for a scrapbooking retreat and don't want to lug your paper trimmer along, then bring the pen knife and a steel ruler with a self-healing cutting mat.

my favorite knife

The clinical surgical knife is my favorite scrapbooking cutting tool. It fits snugly in my palm and is very comfortable to hold. The blade is sharp and will cut paper or cardstock like cutting butter.

scrapbooking cutting tool

I bought a box of 100 blades for SGD$25.00 which is about USD$18.00 many years ago and I still have more than 50 blades left in the box. Since these blades are for surgical use, they are steriled and each individually foil packed. If you buy one of these surgical knife, do be extra careful when using it, especially when changing the blade. When not in use, pierce the blade into a stylofoam block for safety measure.

When changing blade, use a pair of small jewelry pliers to remove the used blade from the knife handle. Peel the foil to open and take out the new blade, then slide the used blade into the open foil packaging to discard. Then with the pliers, slide the new blade into the slot on the handle until it's locked.


The other essential cutting tool is a pair of sharp scissors for snipping off threads and trimming stamped images. I like to keep a pair of scissors only for cutting ribbons and fabrics. This should not ever be used for cutting paper. Any scissors used for cutting paper and other stuff will not be sharp enough for cutting fabric so keep this separate in your sewing box.

You might also want to get another pair for cutting double-sided foam tapes or other adhesive tapes as they get sticky rather quickly.

scrapbooking scissors

Sticky residue will come off easily with GOO GONE, a solution for removing grease, fum, stickers, crayon and tape.

die cut machine

Another helpful scrapbooking cutting tool is the die cut machine. Die cut machines are useful but they can be rather expensive and up to today, there are at least three manufacturers that are making die cut machines for scrapbooking and card making. Because die cut machines are a different kind of scrapbooking paper cutter, we will discuss it in detail in a webpage of its own.

Beside a scrapbooking cutting tool, there are other scrapbooking supplies to consider. Have a look here and learn more about these first before running out to shop for them.

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