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Scrapbooking hat pins can be easily and quickly made from supplies from your sewing box. No sewing needed. Just a dab of glue, a head pin or a paper clip and some beads.

Making these hat pins for cardmaking or to add to your scrapbooking supplies can be rather fun and addictive. Once you start making these decorative straight pins, you begin to see other materials that you can use to make them.

scrapbooking hat pins

How To Make These Hat Pins for Scrapbooking?

Here I used jewelry making beads, and pom pom for this project. It is most likely that you will find other charms, trinkets or found objects to make some personal scrapbooking hat pins. You can also make your own unique beads from polymer clay. If you don't have any jewelry head pins, just straighten a paper clip or use a sewing pin. (I don't really like to use a sewing pin because it is rather sharp and one can accidentally pricked oneself when leafing through the scrapbook pages.)

Supplies Needed

  • jewelry making head pin
  • jewelry glue
  • beads

Instructions for Making Scrapbooking Hat Pins

scrapbooking Decorative Straight Pins
  • arrange beads on the shaft of the head pin.
  • dab a little glue onto the top near next to the head of the pin.
  • Push beads to the top and hold for a while till the beads are stuck in place.

For the pom pom hat pins, just twist the pin into the pom pom centre and once you got the pin to the head of the pin, pull back and dab a bit of glue near the head of the pin. Push the pom pom to the top and hold for a while to fix it in place

hat pins for cardmaking

When using bead drop with the hole running horizontal at the tip of the bead, just like the one in the picture above, use jewelry making wire and twist the wire together to make the pin. If the bead drop does not stand upright, dab a bit of glue at the tip of the drop to glue it to the wire.

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