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Scrapbooking ideas can be found almost everywhere. With the increasing number of scrapbooking sites, finding ideas for scrapbooking pages is just a click away.

When I first started scrapbooking, I looked for scrapbooking layout ideas by browsing graphic or photography magazines; studying the fonts used as well as the layouts on pages that are pleasing to my eyes. But now that scrapbooking has become so popular, scrapbooking books as well as magazines are readily available in scrapbooking stores, bookstores as well as the local libraries. So finding scrapbooking page ideas or scrapbooking layout ideas is no more a problem.

Below are links to some scrapbook ideas and examples of scrapbooking pages for various important life events I have created using those resources I mentioned above.

baby page ideas

birthday scrapbooking idea

This is a simple idea and layout that I created just with patterned paper and a rubber stamped title. Actually, since it's a birthday celebration amongst good friends, this can also be used for friendship pages as you can see from the page title I chose for this scrapbook page.

graduation scrapbook ideas

vacation or travel journal idea

christmas ideas

easter ideas

wedding scrapbooking ideas

special theme and design ideas for scrapbooking pages

  • baseball
  • disney
  • heritage
  • military

scrapbooking page ideas for girls

scrapbooking page ideas for boys

other creative scrapbooking ideas

  • tags
  • gifts
  • cards

Please note that this website is an on-going work and will be updated regularly. You might like to subscribe to my Scrapbooking Blog on the left side of this page below the navigations to keep abreast of new uploads.

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Everyone's life is a chain of memories. In each chain there are shining links, happenings where this element of wonder...was very strong. Why don't you reach out and relive some of those memories? If you work at it, remembering the wonder can revive your ability to live life as it should be lived.
~ Arthur Gordon

For more scrapbooking quotes, click here.

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