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A scrapbooking paper cutter is one tool that you need every time you scrapbook. So it is logical that you should spend time researching before investing in one.

paper trimmers for scrapbooking

Paper trimmers for scrapbooking can be found in office stationery, craft stores as well as scrapbooking stores.

When I first started making greeting cards which is another hobby of mine, I used an inexpensive guillotine cutter. It has a wooden grooved base which enabled me to align my paper for a straight cut. It served my purpose for awhile but when more paper trimmers for scrapbooking and card making began to be introduced into the stores making the price for a better paper cutter becomes more affordable, I readily put aside my heavy wooden base guillotine cutter for a better, lighter and more precise trimmer.

professional scrapbooking paper cutter

If you are serious about scrapbooking, then it would be advisable to go for a professional cutting tool. Professional paper cutters are durable and are heavy duty equipments for cutting thicker and larger sheet of paper.

scrapbooking paper cutter

The RotaTrim is one cutter that professional photographers use for precision cutting of their various sizes photographs. It is made in the United Kingdom by RotaTrim Ltd and is sold worldwide so there should not be a problem laying your hands on one. Fortunately, I was able to find one on eBay Singapore. It's quite heavy and so since it's listed by a Singapore seller, I was able to collect it myself and thus saved on shipping and handling. It's a M18 model and has an 18 inch cutting length guide so is just nice for cutting 12x12 scrapbooking paper.

medium size scrapbooking paper cutter

A smaller size cutter is good to have around but not necessary if you already have a larger scrapbooking paper cutter. But sometime, a paper trimmer for A4 sized copy paper might be useful and more convenient to use.

scrapbooking paper cutter

For years, I have been using a Carl paper cutter. It's called a Disk Cutter and has a number of disks which enable me to make some decorative edges beside straightcuts and scoring. I have made thousand of cards using this cutter and it's still serving me well.

scrapbooking cutting tool for small photographs and scraps

scrapbooking cutting tool

A small cutting tool for trimming small photographs or thin strips of paper is a handy tool to have in your craft room. The above red mini cutter is one I bought almost 20 years ago and the sliding blade is still as sharp as ever. It is a guillotine cutter so you need to be extra careful when using it especially around children.

portable scrapbooking paper cutter

For those who scrap with friends and/or love to scrap while travelling for business or leisure, a portable paper trimmer is another essential tool to buy. There are many lightweight portable trimmers by various manufacturers. I believe Friskar and Carl both have these in their range of paper cutters.

For myself, I don't scrap out much since my place is the meeting place for crafting so I do not need one. But if there's a need to scrap out, then I would plan ahead and have all my paper trimmed to size. Anyway, I can always use my exacto knife and steel ruler on a self-healing cutting mat.

As I said, there are many more scrapbooking paper cutter coming into the market, I believe you'll be able to get one that will meet your scrapbooking need. Just do a bit of research online and you should be able to find one that will help make your scrapbooking time more error free and fun.

Beside a scrapbooking cutting tool, there are other scrapbooking supplies to consider. Have a look here and learn more about these first before running out to shop for them.

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