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Scrapbooking paper that are sturdy and heavyweight are usually used for scrapbook page backgrounds. These are colored cardstocks. Cardstocks come in a wide range of colors and have either a smooth or textured surface.

Below are a sample of the many pastel colored card stocks I have in my own scrapbooking collection. Somehow, I tend to fancy pastel colors over dark colored cardstocks hence my wide selection of pastel scrapbook papers.


Unique Characteristics of this Scrapbooking Paper

These cardstocks are stronger, more durable and heavier in weight than most other scrapbooking papers. They look quite similar in the scrapbooking store's shelves. But when you take a closer look, you will discover that they are not really so. You will find that they have different finishes and might differ in many ways too.

Some of these have solid core, while some have white core. Some have adhesive backing and some are textured on one side and a smooth finish on the other side.

white core : white core scrapbooking papers are cardstocks with color on the top and bottom surfaces. Sandwiched between the two surfaces is a core of white paper material. You can see whether you have white core paper by tearing the paper. Just take a sheet of scrapbook paper and tear it towards you or outwards. You will see a deckered edge of white on the tear. This is a good paper effect you can use to enhance your scrapbook pages.

On the other hand, be extra careful when using glue or tape on white core paper because if you try to remove any embellishments, or photo that you have taped or glued onto the paper, it is likely that you will also remove the top colored surface and thus having patches of white on the scrapbooking paper.

White core cardstocks are usually labelled accordingly.

solid core : solid core paper, unlike white core paper, has a solid color all the way through. When you tear a piece of solid core card stock, you will not see any white in the tear.

adhesive backing : this is great for punching and adhering them to your scrapbook pages. Also for frames, borders and layering.

paper finish : smooth or textured - consider what kind of result you want to achieve then choose the appropriate texture for your cardstock. Like I stated above, some are textured on one side and has a smooth finish on the other side. So if you need a smooth finish, you just use the wrong side or under side of the paper.

paper weight : these are sturdy heavyweight cardstock or cover paper. Usually labelled as Heavy Weight (216 gsm / 80 lb cover)

Other Uses for this Scrapbooking Paper

  • journal cover
  • small gift boxes
  • cardmaking
  • art paper dolls
  • paper flowers
  • paper jewelry
  • tags
  • bookmarks

If you are interested in learning how to use cardstock for making greeting cards, you might like to visit my other hobby website:

You will be able to view lots of handmade cards using colorful cardstocks. And while you are there, you might like to browse some bookmarks I have created too.

To have and to hold
from this day forward,
for better or worse,
for richer for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
to love and to cherish
to death do us part.

~ Book of Common Prayer

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