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Scrapbooking papers that are so innovative and creative have been manufactured specially for scrapbookers. These specialty papers are so versatile and can really add a touch of fun and dimension to any scrapbook page.


Below are some of the specialty papers in the market today. (Note that these paper can be quite pricey so most scrapbookers will use them sparingly on their scrapbooking pages.)

various kind of specialty scrapbooking papers

handmade paper - These paper are a bit rough on the surface and have uneven edges. They usually have inclusion like flower petals, or leaves.

vellum paper - A translucent parchment paper that gives a muted look to whatever is underneath it. Comes in a range of color tones.

printed transparency - This transparency has designs like frames or words printed onto it usually in black or another solid color. Great for layering over colored cardstock or photographs. To attach it to the cardstock below, one usually use brads or eyelets. Another method is to attach with running stitches using a sewing machine.

suede paper - Also known as velvet paper as it has a soft velvety feel. Come in various shades of colors.

mulberry paper - Made from the mulberry tree bark fibre, this versatile paper has many uses in the art world. For an interesting effect, just dampen with water where you want it cut, and tear.

metallic paper - Metallic paper has a reflective or pearlescent finish.

embossed paper - This paper has a 3 dimensional raised image or design. You can also make your own embossed paper with die cut machines like the Cuttlebug machine by Provo Craft or the Big Shot by Sizzix.

die cut paper - You can buy die cut in a 12x12 sheet of scrapbooking paper or make your own using die cut machines.

wood paper - This is a specialty paper that's made from very thin slices of wood thus retaining the wood grains. You can use this paper just like any other scrapbooking paper. You can stitch, stamp, emboss and paint on it.

glittered paper - Glittered paper, as named, is a cardstock that is covered with glitters or with designs that has glitters. This is a paper that not only young girls love. I believe that somehow many of us has a weakness for anything that glitters.

I won't be surprised if you will to discover more delightfully fun and innovative scrapbooking papers in the scrapbooking stores today beside those mentioned above.

Look like scrapbooking is here to stay and manufacturers are aware of this and thus producing and introducing more and more scrapbooking products into the market. And since paper is one of the main scrapbooking supply that the avid scrapper needs, this is one area that the scrapbook industry will be concentrating on mainly - to create more enchanting specialty paper to beguile every scrapbooker's heart.

And beside using paper for scrapbooking, there are materials that can be used too; namely, cork, magnetic sheet, chipboard, felt, fabric and acrylic sheet.

Indeed, scrapbooking has come a long long way from those simple scrapbooks of yester years.

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~ Jean Paul Richter

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