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Need scrapbooking quotes for your scrapbook pages? These life quotes which are taken from my collection of famous quotes will help emphasize your scrapbooking journalling.

Use these quotable quotes tastefully and appropriately in your scrapbooking and they will definitely help to define your pages. Add them to your scrapbook journalling or just as a standalone on any scrapbook page. This is especially helpful for those who do not know what to write on their scrapbook pages.

scrapbooking quotes by famous people

albert einstein
Science, education and learning, imagination and other life quotes by Albert Einstein.

william shakespeare
A collection of William Shakespeare quotes including those expressions we use very often.

ralph waldo emerson
Interesting quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson on work, life, nature, friends, and various subjects.

oscar wilde
A collection of quotes by Oscar Wilde.

scrapbooking quotes on love

cute love quotes
sweet love quotes
famous love quotes
sad love quotes
romantic quotes
funny love quotes
broken hearted quotes
breakup quotes
best love quotes
teen love quotes

scrapbooking quotes about life

Quotes on success and being successful by successful people.

Quotations on dream to challenge ones to higher living.

A small collection of quotations on wisdom and about being wise in life.

A collection of quotes about death and dying.

scrapbooking quotes for special occasions

graduation quotes

birthday quotes - serious and funny birthday quotes and greetings

moving quotes

wedding quotes
Romantic wedding quotes by various famous people. Some are from the Common Book of Prayer and the Bible.

retirement quotes

christmas quotes

other quotable quotes for scrapbooking

friendship quotes
Quotations about friends and friendship. Great for inclusion in your scrapbook pages on friends.

irish quotes

leadership quotes

sports quotes - basketball quotes/baseball quotes/running quotes/football quotes

education quotes - educational quotes/teacher quotes

bible quotes
Inspirational spiritual quotes from the bible for your christian faith books.

music quotes

military quotes

relationship quotes

family quotes - marriage quotes/family guy quotes/baby quotes

The above are just some scrapbooking quotes that would be helpful to you in your scrapbooking journalling. You can also add them to your altered books and handmade cards.

More quotes will be added here so do bookmark this scrapbooking website or add it to your RSS so that you'll not missed out on any new quotes or projects from this simple scrapbooking site.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

~ Old Tradition

To the complaint, "There are no people in these photographs."
I respond, "There are always two people: the photographer and the viewer."

~ Ansel Adams

The perfection of wisdom, and the end of true philosophy is to proportion our wants to our possessions, our ambitions to our capacities, we will then be a happy and a virtuous people.

~ Mark Twain

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