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Useful Scrapbooking Tips

As scrapbookers, we are always on the look-out for good scrapbooking tips to make our pages better and our investments on tools and supplies to go further and last longer. Looking for ways to spend less and have more is another thing that scrappers will need in order to make more scrapbook pages.

I'm sure the following lists will be helpful in saving costs and stretching our scrapbooking tools and supplies as we embark on this memories preservation journey.

Scrapbooking Tips for Scrapbook Products Shopping

1. Make a list of your scrapbooking needs. Have a notebook ready to jot down any scrapbooking materials you need for a particular project.

2. Have an inventory of your stock so that you will not buy doubles.

3. Wait for promotions and sales at your local scrapbook store.

4. Find out more about the tool before purchasing. More tools for the same use are being introduced to scrapbookers so find out the specifications first. Read what others have to say about the product.

5. Become a preferred customer of a local or online store. Most stores have reward points for all your purchase in one receipt. For example, one point for $10 of scrapbooking supplies purchased. You will also be entitled to discounts if you are a frequent shopper. Some scrapbook stores have lifetime membership for shoppers who purchase over a certain amount in one receipt.

6. If you have friends who are scrapbookers too, then buy in bulk and spilt the supplies with them.

7. Visit different scrapbook stores and compare prices. Some stores mark up their prices but give good discount. So compare prices after discount.

8. Use coupons especially if you are shopping online. Many online scrapbooking stores provide coupons in their newsletters to give you a discount when you shop.

Scrapbooking Tips for Stretching Your Supplies

1. Do not throw away your scraps. Scrap pieces of patterned paper can be used to embellish pages. You can use these to punch shapes or use as strips for borders.

2. Use the negative portion of your sticker also.

3. Convert your solid paper into patterned paper by using rubber stamps, inks and stencils.

4. Scan fabric designs or other materials into your editing software to print out as background paper.

5. Need a certain colored paper for layering. Do not rush out to buy. Just use your marker or inks to change a white piece of paper into the color you want. Just color only the edges.

6. Go online and download free elements for your pages. Lots of free fonts and cliparts are available on the internet.

Scrapbooking Tips for Finding Ideas

1. Borrow scrapbooking books and magazines from your local libraries. Since scrapbooking is so popular today, all libraries should have scrapbooking titles in their catalogue.

2. Beside scrapbooking books and magazines, you can also find scrapbooking ideas in other art books and periodicals.

3. Magazines cover and pages can also provide good scrapbooking layouts ideas and color themes.

4. Scrap lift ideas from other scrapbookers' pages.

5. Swap ideas with friends.

The above are just some scrapbooking tips that would be helpful to you in stretching your dollars.

Beside these, I believe there are lots more tips and ideas that we can explore. More will be added here when they come to mind.

Celebrating life!
Creating keepsake memories
for generations to come.

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